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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too busy stalking the MFT thread to stamp!

Kim at MFT is making us all pull our hair out! There are 10 Idol spots and so far only 4 have been revealed. There will be one more reveal today and then the other five over the course of the day tomorrow. Everyone is on the Idol thread, the laundry is piling up and the kids are scavenging in the cupboards in the hopes of finding a morsel, a crumb...ANYTHING!

While I've been stalking, I've been reading blogs and while I was reading my new friend Tracey's Blog, I noticed a link in her sidebar to another blogger...

You need to check out Lori's Blog because there is some SERIOUS BLOG CANDY GOODNESS to be had!

I'll try to get some new stuff to look at up here tomorrow...

Happy Stampin'!


  1. Good luck on the MFT Idol contest...Crossing my fingers and toes that you are selected. :o)

  2. The wait is killing me for the Idol! I know I entered too but I really hope you are one of the finalists!! Your project is gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for linking me up here. I have been surfing your blog too! SO much beautiful eye candy!! You are quite the talent girl!!

    Let's do coffee soon!! And by coffee, I mean tea, because I am not much into coffee. :)

  3. I've enjoyed stalking with you! Can't wait till 10pm gets here to find out the final idol!!!

  4. Oh it must be agony to wait! Fingers crossed for you!


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