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Friday, January 11, 2013


I am, admittedly, not a huge Harry Potter fan. I enjoyed the movies, haven't read the books and probably couldn't answer a pop quiz on Harry Potter to save my life!

But last night, I had FUN! We had Wizard World to ourselves! This meant no lines, all the butterbeer, pumpkin juice and food we wanted and lots of other fun demonstrators with whom we could chat!

I rode the Dragon Chaser (twice in a row) and the Forbidden Journey (inside the castle). That ride was WAY more than I could handle and so...TOTALLY done for the night.

Today, we are off to our first "official" day of Leadership!! I just know we're going to have a GREAT time! I have coffee in hand to stay awake, so it's going to be OK.

If you're keeping track...I didn't cry at Wizard World.

For the record, Butterbear is NOT beer. It's this divine concoction of cream soda (sort of) and butterscotch foam. I found myself wishing I could have a cup of foam - it was SO tasty!

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Glad for the clarification on the beer! :) Hope the rest of your trip is just as great!


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