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Monday, November 23, 2009

MDS Monday

OK., my Caroline had the idea and I have been having SUCH fun in MDS, that I decided to swipe it and run with it! Good thing she loves me...she won't be too upset - LOL!

Here is the card I created using MDS:
I have to tell you...this isn't just another digital program! It can do SO much more...not the least of which is letting you mess around with all kinds of elements without wasting a single sheet of paper. Like the idea? Great! Make a real paper card out of it! Can't stand it? That's OK too! Just discard it and start over!

One of my favourite things about MDS is that all the paper, embellishments, ribbons, etc. all match SU! stuff! Can't beat that! And...if you want to print the card and make it hybrid, you can do that too! The fun thing with that possibility is that any embellishments you use are true to size - WOOT! This means that if you just add the embellishment to your project, it can be sort of a "place holder". For example, the buttons in the card above were added to the project and were not altered in any way - if I print the card face (at home) and want to add the real SU! buttons afterward, they will fit right on top of the "place holder" buttons and cover them right up! Cool, eh?

You can have MDS too and I know you'll love it! Contact me to order it!

Happy Stampin' and MDSin'!


  1. Now that is a great color combo.

  2. This is adorable Christyne! Nice and clean design :O)

  3. Adorable! Great way to be green!

  4. steal away, baby-cakes! :) and it looks fabbbbbbb

  5. Very pretty card! Are you goin' digital on us? LOL

  6. Michelle, nope! Not me...Shell already threatened to kick me out - LOL! I was just playing around...


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