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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Let me be clear about something. I travel. A LOT. And as a frequent flyer, I have a routine. And that routine begins with arriving at the airport at LEAST three hours early for a cross border flight. That's THREE hours, as in 1, 2, 3 - 3 hours.

Now, just because YOU decided to hit the snooze button does not mean that you should get to jump ahead of me in the customs line. You being a lazy @ss is YOUR problem.  You know the saying..."Lack of planning on YOUR part, does NOT constitute an emergency on MY part."

You know what that means? It means that if your flight is at 10 a.m., you should NOT be standing in the same line as I am at 8:45. You should have been here at 7 a.m. Even Transport Canada recommends a 90 minute gap between your arrival at the airport and your departure. By 8:45, YOU'RE TOO LATE!!! If you were holding up MY flight, I'd be pissed! And HELLO!! It's summer!! Kids out of school...families travelling...

And while I'm ranting about airport etiquette, it's probably a good idea to turn the light on when you get dressed in the morning.

So far I've seen:

  • A "businessman" wearing jeans, a polo and a suit jacket (all different colours of blue) and black dress shoes.  Really? Business or casual - pick one.
  • A "businessman" wearing a suit and sandals *sigh* To his credit, at least he wasn't wearing socks with those sandals.
  • A young lady with ripped jeans - I mean REALLY ripped - in more than one place. Have some pride in your appearance.
  • A granny who I thought looked lovely in her matching pants and jacket...till I looked down at her feet and noticed NEON pink toes and Birkenstocks.
  • And this little gem:

I only WISH I had photoshoped this look, but I didn't.  PLAID short-shorts with matching jacket. And you don't even get the BEST view...from the front...where you could see the muffin top peeking out *shudder* And those shoes...also some kind of plaid, with peep toes and...are you ready for this? ACRYLIC toe nails. You know, like when you go to get a manicure and request acrylic nails because your nails aren't quite up to snuff? Yeah...on her TOES!!

It's going to take a whole lot of BRAIN BLEACH to erase that little gem from my cerebral cortex!

I just found out my flight was delayed by 20 minutes...POOP! That means ConBrention will now officially start 20 minutes later.  Sorry girls! See you soon!


  1. I'm sorry you had issues at the airport. Loved the picture. At least she was coordinated.

  2. Oh Love - I am so sorry that your trip started out in such a crazy way. But you know what they say - bad "dress rehearsal, awesome performance". SO let's just call your trip here your dress rehearsal. Hey, and maybe some of those people read about themselves and REHEARSE DRESSING!

    So glad you're here! We will take care of the brain bleach with some tasty cocktails.

  3. ROFL... Loved the chuckle I got. Thanks for sharing the events of traveling to Brenda!

  4. Okay you made me smile today (: Thanks for sharing!


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