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Monday, May 27, 2013

It's all about balance

I haven't quite found it yet, but I'm working on it. I can still fit in knitting and paper crafting without too much difficulty (of course!) if I could just figure out a way to hire a maid to do the laundry/feed the family, I'd be in business! :)

Here's my latest accomplishments:

In the knitting world, this is what's known as a MKAL (Mystery Knit A Long). When this is done, it's going to be a shawl. I've knit up to clue #4 which we just got from the designer. Next Monday, we'll get clue #5 and the following Monday will be clue #6 and it will be DONE! The shawl is called Leaf Evolution and you can just make out the the leaves at the bottom and see them growing towards the top. Pretty cool, eh? The portion at the top of the picture is actually going to be toward the bottom of the shawl when I'm wearing it, so it'll look like falling leaves. I love it!

Are you coming to class this coming Saturday, June 1st? It's a class all about 3-D Delights and above is some of the Card Candy we'll be creating that will go on the cards in the Desktop Caddy we'll be making! We're going to have a GREAT time!

Did you notice the stamp set I used? It's Tea Shoppe...and it's retiring this year! This is one set I WON'T be selling at my open house, so if you'd like it better order it soon! I'm offering free shipping between now and May 30th, so contact me (click email me on the top left) and I'll order it for you!

Happy Stampin'!

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