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Monday, May 9, 2016

Things I learned while visiting La Belle Province...

My daughter and I recently returned from a three day trip to Montreal and Québec City. It was great to get back (I was born and raised in Montreal) and visit with my sister. And seeing Québec was a treat since I hadn't been since 1991. We had a FABULOUS time and I learned a few things (some comparisons to Toronto included):

  • Hand made gifts for teachers ensure your child is happy *grin*
  • Road signs, road lines and traffic laws are merely suggestions - you're taking your own life in your hands if you choose to drive (or walk!) here.
  • Your "concrete jungle" is worse than our "basketweave". 
  • Listening to Google Maps give directions in English while you're driving in a FRENCH province is PAINFUL (to say the very least!).
  • I love, love, LOVE speaking French! I learned to speak both English and French growing up and it was SO much fun to spend a few days speaking French again...and let's face it! I need the practice what with my whole plan to move to France!
  • You thought Québec motorists were bad? The only thing worse than a Québec motorist is a Québec motorcyclist. The only thing worse than a Québec motorcyclist is that guy with the WIDE LOAD in the FAST lane trying to pass a semi! (you can't make this crap up - I swear!)
  • I drive in Toronto traffic. It's pretty bad. Montreal traffic is WORSE!
  • Everybody smokes. EVERY. BODY.
  • You can buy wine and beer in the grocery store. In truth, I knew this...what I didn't know is that there was an ENTIRE aisle dedicated to beer and wine in the grocery store. 
  • You can purchase gasoline at rest stops...but before you get back in your car, don't forget the wine! SERIOUSLY??
  • If you DON'T know how to behave in a church, please don't embarrass yourself by going in. Taking a photo of yourself AND your wife shaking hands (I kid you not!) with the image of Jesus as you pass through the Holy Door in the year of Mercy is NOT ok.
  • THIS is a thing. WHY is this a thing??
  • Tire d'érable is a little bit of heaven on a stick

And the very LAST thing I learned while visiting La Belle Province:
  • You can stamp ANYWHERE as long as you have the right tools/equipment. This Watercolour Wishes Kit was PERFECT for travelling! All I needed was the box and some adhesive and I was ready to go! EVERYTHING you need (except MONO) was in the box (including ink and a block).

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