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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've talked about GRID PAPER before but I'm wondering:  If I asked you to make a Top 10 list of your favorite Stampin’ Up! tools, would you even get Grid Paper (102787) on your list?  Maybe you overlooked grid paper as a tool.  Well, think again!  It's one of the best tools you (should) have in your stampin' space.

Grid Paper, 102787, $9.95

  • It comes in an 11” x 17” pad containing 100 sheets printed with ¼” grid lines. 
  • It's only $12.50 for all 100 sheets---which you can use over and over and over till they're just a total mess!
  • There's a 10" ruler that appears on the left-hand side, and 
  • There's a 16" ruler that appears on the bottom. 
  • There's an area for easy reference of Card Dimensions on the right-hand side
  • There's a "Wish List" area on the right hand side also.

So how about benefits?
  • One of the greatest benefits is that it protects your work area from ink, adhesive, and other product stuff you don't want there.  Like glitter?!
  • always recommend that my class participants practice stamping on their grid paper before stamping on their card stock.  You can check the color and intensity of the ink as well as how level the stamp (wood or clear) has been mounted.
  • With the rulers readily available, it's easy to measure the stamp you want to use and the add 1/8" or 1/4" on all sides for your card stock.
  • You can stash your trash in one of the upper corners for a trip to the trash bin when you're ready.
  • You can hold excess Embossing Powder on the grid sheet and roll it in a tube to slide in back into the EP container.
How can you get your own pad of Grid Paper?  Just give me a call (phone number is in the blog banner at the top of the page) and I'll place your order.  Or just click on "Go Shopping" link in the upper left corner and place your own order via my Stampin' Store on my Stampin' Up! website.  Or finally, just come to lots of my classes and take your single sheet home at the end of each class. 
Which way will you choose???
Grid Paper, 102787, $9.95
Special thanks to Blythe for her permission to use this AWESOME article!

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