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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I got up early this morning to put the finishing touches on the anniversary card for my hubby. We're celebrating 18 years today!!!

When I came out into the living room, this is what I found:
Jonathan occasionally sleeps on the couch just because he can - LOL! I don't know if one of them was lonely in the middle of the night or what. When I came out, I noticed that the door to Colin's room was open, so I was expecting to see him sitting up reading...nope! There he was sleeping next to his brother on the couch - Heehee! Of course...I had to take a picture! What kind of self-respecting mom and scrapbooker would miss an opportunity like that?

This is the card that I was finishing up for my hubby:
I started it when I was working with Caroline a couple of weeks ago and it was all I could do not to show it to DH right away - I love seeing his reaction when I make something really cool! But...I managed to keep it a secret and all I had to do today was write the mushy stuff on the inside. When you open it up, three cherries line up and you get the "jackpot".

Please DON'T ask me for directions/instructions on how to make this because it is INSANELY complicated! If you want to learn how to make it, you'll have to take a class with Caroline!

Hope everyone has a stamping good day!


  1. OMG what an adorable photo!! LOVE IT!!

    Happy Anniversary and your card your card is awesome!! I want to ask how to make it even though you said not to!!

  2. LOL Kirstin! It's made in two pieces with lots of folding and measuring and punching! I had to make some more for Caroline and it took me 4 hours to complete 6 of them!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary and I love the card!

  4. What a sweet picture! I always find my children in the morning together, it reminds me of puppies (:
    Great card! I love the window (: Hope you had a wonderful 18th!!!!!!!

  5. Awwww! That photo was a definite must! Glad you captured it.

    Happy anniversary you two! Card looks great, right up your alley!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Fun card! Love the jackpot idea!

  7. Happy Anniversary! 18 years...and your DH is still interested in your cards LOL! It looks like a great card, wish I could see the inside, love the silver paper.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! What a cute photo! Love your card too. :-)

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    You definitely took advantage of a great Kodak moment - how sweet they look snuggled together!
    Fantastic card!

  10. I am with Kirstin...How did ou make it???? Do tell pleeeease!

    Love the photo....and the deadly haircut! (I escaped that period with my son...coz his school would have sent him straight back to the hairdressers....They were required to have short back and sides. I know one year, Ash missed an appointment and the master of the house took him to get it cut...being that it was down almost to his

  11. That card is just awesome. Congrats on 18 years. Your picture of the boys shows that it's a happy are blessed!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Your card is awesome! And that picture is just priceless!

  13. What a darling photo Christyne! Love those moments :o) Great card too! It looks like very interesting and intriguing!

    By the way, I got the SS gift....thanks so much. So many fun goodies. I am trying to get in to SCS but it is acting up. I was amazed with all of the fun things your included. The cards, oh-my and the the stamps too. thanks so much! Sorry to write it here, but hoping to get in to SCS.

  14. That is one WONDERFUL photo (we must see the layout you make!) and a great card :-)... we just all need to get together so YOU can teach US, lol! :-)


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