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Friday, July 29, 2011

Team Canadian Blossoms!

Good morning! I have a special treat for you today! Ordinarily, I don't share my Team Cards on my general blog, because I like them to be exclusive to my team. But today, I'm sharing the AUGUST team card with you!

Why? Because when you're part of my Canadian Blossoms Team, you get a card, from me, in your MAILBOX every month! Not an email card...a REAL card on which I put an actual POSTAGE STAMP!! In this day of email and blogs and the web, I just LOVE putting a smile on my team members faces each month.

Why am I telling you this? Because it's July 29th and there's only TWO MORE DAYS to take advantage of the Mini Starter Kit and join my team! Just click here, watch the video and read all about the goodness you get when you join the Stampin' UP! team. When you're ready click the "JOIN NOW" button on the left. And you don't have to be "local" to join my team! I'll support you (and send a card!) no matter where in Canada you live!

Ready for the card? Take a look:

Simple, elegant and duplicatable. Every once in a while, my team gets an "Over The Top" card, but for the most part, I like to send them simple cards that will get them thinking about ideas for workshops.

Now, here's something for you:

At my last workshop, I was asked about colouring options. I told my new clients about different ways in which they could colour their images. I used one of them for this card. Can you guess what it is?


If you can figure out WHICH colouring technique I used for this card, I'll have a prize for you! A second prize will be given (by draw) to ONE person who takes a guess at the technique. So...even if you get it wrong, you still have a chance to win a prize! How does that sound?

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!! If you're in Canada, enjoy your extra day off!

Happy Stampin'!


  1. My guess is water colour crayons, even though that isn't technically a technique. Ack, I don't know! But I'm sticking with my answer.

  2. Hi! To me, it looks like the colouring technique you used is with a blender pen. :)


  3. I'll go with Aqua Painter (although I really have no idea). The card is gorgeous though!

  4. I go with watercolor technique also using the blender pen.

  5. Watercolour crayons with a blender pen? Beautiful card, I don't use the bold greens often enough. Also, love that this one is Starter Kit-duplicatible (no idea if that's a word...) if you substitute the DSP!

  6. I think water color technique ??
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  7. I think I've changed my mind, I think it's the Watercolour PENCILS with blender pen. The colours are stronger than they usually are with the crayons, although that could just be how I use them (I tend to over-blend!)


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