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Friday, July 15, 2011

To sleep or not to sleep...

...that is the question.

If we sleep we could miss out on lots of fun conversation and forget to share every last detail of our lives. If we don't sleep, Mary Anne and I will be SERIOUSLY cranky travellers tomorrow.

And besides, it seems like this corner of Massachusetts is in some kind of freaky time sucking vortex where time is irrelevant or something...we think 5 minutes has gone by and when we look at our watches it's been 2 hours. How does that happen??

Mary Anne and I spent a good bit of time in the Container Store (if you're in an area with NO Container Store, I promise you, that's what it's called - you can't make that up!) and bought some fun stuff - mine was all pink (bet you didn't guess that). Then the three of us went for lunch and pedicures - DIVINE!

We came home for a bit and worked on our product folders (pictures tomorrow!) and went back out again for dinner (Legal Seafood), ice cream (Cold Stone Creamery - 'nuff said) and Target. Brenda and Mary Anne are familiar with Target, but me, as a Canadian, only shop there on my few trips to the US. So, I wandered...and wandered...and bought a couple of "organizing" type things. Target is coming to Canada soon though, and I can't wait!

And now we're back home and it's time to start packing because tomorrow we have to say goodbye - not cool.

I'll be blogging from Logan Airport tomorrow as I wait for my flight...hopefully there will be no more frightening pictures like the one from Wednesday.

Happy Stampin'!

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