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Friday, March 16, 2012

Drop Donuts - YUM!

Happy Friday!! This is the LAST official day of Spring Break (except for the weekend), so to celebrate, I made DONUTS!!

You may remember this post from last year. For this one, I just changed up the ingredients and changed the picture. Same layout, different recipe!

Here's my recipe for my donuts (handed down from my mom!):

You're going to LOVE it! Beware, they're addicting!



  1. They do look real yummy! I have a question though, are you cooking in the lard as well as adding a tbsp. of lard to the batter? If so, how much lard are you cooking in, or would canola work for the frying?

  2. Oh my gosh...this sounds like the recipe my mom used! Nothing beats homemade donut holes! Yummy! OK...that settles it. When is the next flight out!


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