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Saturday, July 2, 2016

What's going on??

Have you even wondered what's going on over at Handstamped from the Heart and would like a handy reference so you can keep track? I've got just the ticket!

When you go to my business website at Stampin' UP! by clicking HERE, you'll see my name in the top right corner (make sure it's my name or it won't be a listing for my events) - I couldn't get everything in the screen cap - and a bar across the top of the page.

On that bar, there are several clickable links that will produce drop down menus, but if you just click on the main word (in this case EVENTS - circled in red), it will take you to a calendar where my current events are listed.

On the calendar, you'll see blank squares and coloured squares. The coloured squares indicate that an event is happening on that day and the colour will let you know what kind of even it is! In the example above, my June calendar, I have two events coloured in a sort of teal colour. The teal colour represents Open House events, where you can just drop in! Other colours designate classes or Stamp Clubs, etc.

Once you're on the event page for the current month, you can click on the arrows to either side of the month/year to see what I was up to or what I've got coming up! Easy peasy! At the bottom of each event listing (on the left) is an RSVP button - click that to let me know you're coming!

I hope you'll join me for an upcoming class or open house - I'd love to stamp with you!

Happy Stampin'!

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