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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Whole30 Update!

Whole30 Update:
Thursday, I finished my first #whole30. I say "first" because I've already got another one planned and considering doing #whole30forlife. We'll see how that plays out.

Yesterday, I could have eaten literally ANYTHING I wanted. There's a reintroduction plan, but I hadn't decided what exactly to reintroduce first!

So I went to work with Whole30 compliant food in my lunch bag. And I ate dinner at work and it was Whole30 too. And when I came home, I made pizza (well, Delissio made it, I just put it in the oven) for the kids. And I had a sliver (like literally 1/24th of the pizza) and it was gross. It didn't affect me adversely in any way, it just didn't seem "right".

I think tonight we'll have burgers...I'll skip the bun. It's AMAZING what you can get used to in 30 days.

I can now drink black coffee. It's not awesome, but I can do it. I can drink black tea too...I prefer the stuff from David's though. A little Electric Lemonade with the added punch of maté is fabulous in the morning.

I started back to the gym - CONSISTENTLY. I'm aiming for 21 days straight (that's how long it takes to form a habit), so as soon as I'm done my tea and this update, I'm outta here! Today is day 6.

As for the NSV (non-scale victories), I have more energy, my pants are looser, I sleep better at night and I just generally feel better! Oh! And I had to get one of my rings resized from a size 5 to a 3.75!!! Crazy, right??

In the picture, you can see the progress I made. It wasn't huge, but it was progress in the right direction. I'm not ready to share the "whole story" which is why there's post it notes covering the "scary stuff".

As of this morning, I'm down another 3 lbs. And I PROMISE you all again that I am NOT starving myself! I'm eating healthy food, making good choices, moving my body (way more than I was!) and just doing what feels RIGHT.

My friend Caroline and I are staring a Whole30 on November 7th (yeah, I outed her...but she's already told lots of people, so it's all good) and would be thrilled if you'd like to join us.

Go to the library, read the books, find the info online. It'll change your life.

Happy Saturday!

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