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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why Whole30?

On September 28th, I started the Whole30 Program. I chose this particular program based on the recommendation of several other people in the Bullet Journal community, but also because it's FREE. You don't have to buy any of the books, though I do recommend the one with all the recipes in it (and you can probably get that at your local library). You don't have to go to meetings or pay a fee. You don't have to buy any "special" food. All the information you could possibly need is available, for FREE, on line. The VERY basic idea is that you eliminate dairy, grains, alcohol, sugar, legumes and certain preservatives from your diet ENTIRELY for 30 days.

I chose it because I want to feel better. I chose it because I want to have more energy. I chose it because I want to be a better version of myself.

And I started on September 28th, so it's been 12 days. So far, it hasn't been too bad. I learned that there is SUGAR in pretty much EVERYTHING (even stuff you wouldn't think had sugar in it), so that part has been a HUGE adjustment and I've been doing a lot more "from scratch" cooking than I did before - which isn't a bad thing.

Above is my basic Whole30 layout in my Bullet Journal - I've become ridiculously attached to that thing in the past six weeks and I LOVE IT!

These next pages hold everything I've eaten for the past 11 days and I'll continue to fill them out for the rest of the month.

Yesterday, I made mayonnaise and I'm not gonna wasn't great. I used light tasting olive oil (NOT extra virgin olive oil - that would have made it downright NASTY) as recommended and I didn't like it. Now...that may well be because I'm just used to commercial mayo, but I think next time I'll seek out a more neutral oil, like avocado and see how that goes. As for last night's batch, I used a bit of it to make coleslaw dressing and that turned out pretty good! I think I'll add some garlic to the leftovers and see what that does for it. :)

Tonight will be a HUGE test! It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and we're having dinner at the in-laws. I'll check in next week and let you know how it went.

Eat healthy! Be well!

And come back tomorrow for Merry Monday! :)

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