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Friday, October 28, 2011


Well...maybe not QUITE yet, but it's getting down to the wire!

Today is October 28th. That means that counting today you only have FOUR. MORE. DAYS. to take advantage of the Stampin' UP! AMAZING October promotion.

If you join my team between now and Monday at 6:00 PM EST, not only will you get the AMAZING starter kit which is valued at $425 for the low, low, bargain basement price of $215, you'll ALSO get a BIG SHOT. FOR. FREE. Yes...FREE!!!! If you already HAVE a Big Shot, that's not a problem, because Stampin' UP! will let you choose $125 in FREE product instead! an added bonus, I'll GIVE you the die that created this little gem:

That means that your $215 (no tax OR shipping) will now get you almost $600 worth of stamping goodness!! And you'll have a die with which you can start creating RIGHT AWAY.

But WAIT! There's more!!! Let's say you LOVE the idea of getting all that stamping goodness, but don't want to do this as a business the way I do. No problem! I'll buy your business supplies back from you for the equivalent of $30 in merchandise that I'll order for you.

Sound too good to be true? It's not!  There are NO stamping police. No one will come to your house and repossess your stamping goodies if you don't place another order, no one will call you bad names because you don't want to make a business of this...NONE of that will happen!

What WILL happen is that you'll be joining an amazing team of demonstrators who love and support each other. You'll receive a handstamped card from me EVERY month that you remain active as a demonstrator (that means placing a $400 order every three months to renew your demonstrator benefits). You'll get to attend Canadians, INK! team meetings and see NEW products before any customers. You'll also get to attend convention and other Stampin' UP! events if you choose.

So,'s a win/win situation. What are you waiting for? There's less than 96 hours left in this AWESOME deal! I can't WAIT till you join my team!

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