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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

But I don't even PLAY tennis! HMPH!

Yes, I know. The logical part of me knows that tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury. The petulant child in me, however, is just plain ticked off!

It seems my awesome record of posting every day in July has caused me some grief. *sigh* So, I'm on heavy duty anti-inflammatory meds. I SHOULD be wearing a brace and I SHOULD be doing less stamping, but...well...I'm pouting and stamping my feet instead!

Today's card is digital because I'm SUPPOSED to be cutting back on stamping for a bit. Let me tell you, I'm none too pleased about it and will probably just keep stamping anyway. :P

I knew I wanted to do something "fall", so I started off with a base of Pumpkin Pie polka dots. In order to mute it a bit, I added a layer of Whisper White and reduced the opacity to 50% making it look like vellum. That's one of my FAVOURITE My Digital Studio tricks.

Next I added the Old Olive diagonal stripe and the image panel. When I stamped the pumpkins, they were black so I changed up the colour by using the colouring tool and it was SO fun! And you know what? You CAN go outside the lines in MDS. While I was colouring, I was trying to be careful to not get the Pumpkin Pie outside the outline of the pumpkin. I discovered that it didn't matter. WOOT! So I coloured the pumpkins in Pumpkin Pie and their stems in Old Olive. It took less than a minute!

The finishing touch was the brads in the bottom right hand corner.

I stayed true to the sketch on this one, so you'll actually be able to recognize it for a change - LOL!

What do you think?

ACCESSORIES: It's all digital! MDS baby!

Happy MDSin'!


  1. Awwww...poor you! Rest up! What's worse? Not being able to stamp for a couple weeks or not being able to stamp for the rest of your life because of permanent damage??? The card is neat! Come spring, I may just have to invest in MDS2.

  2. Oh my gosh, Christyne! I thought stamping was a risk free hobby! Get better, my friend! As for you MDS creation, I love it! The vellum look is so clever!


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