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Monday, July 26, 2010

Manic Monday with There She Goes!

Ok,'s no secret. I'm a rubber whore. There, I said it - PHEW!!!

So, even though Stampin' UP! is my first love (and always will be), sometimes I like to dabble. It's OK to look at the menu as long as you eat at home, right? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Manic Mondays are going to be just day to dabble!

Today's card features There She Goes Clear Stamps:

I'm participating in a "humour" swap over at SplitCoast Stampers and I figured, "What humour is better than the "sick and twisted" variety? Plus, those "in the know" in my real world know that I've been dealing with some serious GARBAGE lately and one of my friends recommended a card like this might make me feel better. Truth be told, she also recommended I put a nasty note on the inside and then burn it...I thought about it, but decided not to waste all that colouring on burning the card. Those Copic inks are pricey you know!

So, I stamped the image in Memento Ink and coloured it using my Copic Markers. Don't you just love that floor design? Jessica over at There She Goes has some AMAZING tip sheets that will help you recreate it.

If the sentiment is too small for you to read, it says, "I would like to cancel my subscription. I'm tired of your issues." MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just love it and it's PERFECT for the stuff with which I'm dealing right now.

Have a great Manic Monday and Happy Stampin'!


  1. Super card! Rubber whore?? love that statement! You know you are crazy right?

  2. You say crazy like it's a bad thing! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. oh, so many things in this post i like!!!
    1) rubber whore. awesome. me, i'm a paper whore. yes, i have been known to drool and even shed tears over pretty paper. but only if it smells nice. LOL
    2) that friend of yours... wise woman. ;)
    3) the sentiment is, in a word, fan. freaking. tastic. i need that stamp!!!! :)

  4. Oh I said last time I needed these funny stamps and forgot in the meantime....Now I REALLY want these funny stamps!!!!

    Like your mate's advice....very sage!

    Hope things look up for you soon sweetpea!

  5. love the card... NEED the sentiment... sounds like we all have *those* people in our lives (too bad!)...


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