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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is all HEATHER'S fault!!!

This is my second post for today! Please scroll down for more goodness!

OK, so the other day, I posted about ATC's and how it was kinda cool to use them as a focal point on a card. Not a bad concept.

Then, yesterday, my friend Heather (in her infinite wisdom) says, "You should try inchies! They're so cute and're gonna love them!" And THEN, she pretty much made it a challenge, so I HAD TO!

So, here's what I came up with.
First, I made three inchies using images from There She Goes "A Woman's Place". I was kind of so-so on the whole idea. I used Copics and because the inchie squares are VERY absorbent, they kinda bled all over the place - NOT impressed. Cute, but not my best work.

Then, I messed around with the cupcake from Short and Sweet and was a bit happier with the results. Since it's one of my first inchies, I think I did pretty good. I can't see me doing too many of these as I don't have the teeny tiny stamp inventory to pull it, they're SO tiny!!!

This one is going to my friend Heather since she was kind enough to send me her snail mail addy.

I hope she likes it!


  1. i DO like it!! soooo much fun!!! :)

    but who says you always have to stamp? some SU papers and ink and some of their accessories, and BAM!! you've got yourself a teeny-tiny collage-y or flowery/brad-y work of art! ;)

    i can't wait to get this and the card in the mail! they're going to be posted with love in my creativity corner. thank-you! <3

  2. The only way I think I could use inchies as a focus on a card is if I did a 3 x 3 or some such thing like that....the inchie craze hasn't really taken on like wildfire has it?...(still an ATC girl!)


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