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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Raise your hand...

...if you know Patty Bennett...OK, I get that a LOT of people don't KNOW know her (as in have never met her) and I am one of those. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Patty, but I KNOW her (as in I've seen her work and the amazing things she does with MDS).

Today, I was at Stampin' Palooza - a super amazing semi-anuual event put on my upline, Caroline LeBel - and I was demonstrating a card. I said something along the lines of "I'm Christyne Richardson..." and somebody said, "YOU'RE Christyne Richardson?" I said, "Yes." And she said, "WOW! I know you from SUDSOL! I thought you were one of those 'up there' American demonstrators, like Patty Bennett."

Well, I'm surprised that Patty herself didn't hear me screaming! Everybody at the demonstrator event this evening sure did - LOL!

Me? Little old me? Compared to Patty Bennett? WOW! Now I know that some of you will think I'm absolutely NUTS, but I had to ask for a tissue in order to be able to continue my demonstration. I couldn't see through the happy tears!

My upline (and BFF) knows how much this meant to me.  I haven't been a demonstrator for very long, but Patty Bennett is one of my Stampin' Idols! So, I'm sure you can understand just how much being put in the same league as her made my day - heck, I'm pretty sure it made my life!!! I celebrated my birthday this past Tuesday and as gifts go, this simple comment from another demonstrator was one of the best gifts EVER!

So, thank you Shelly for your kind words - I'm REALLY sorry I freaked out on you!

Happy Stampin'!

P.S. I'm WAY beyond too tired to post a card tonight, but I promise I'll post a card tomorrow...maybe it'll even be a Patty Bennett CASE.


  1. What a great story!!! You deserve all the praise you get Christyne - you're awesome!

  2. You're CFR!! :D


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